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Kalimbist is an all-in-one application to practice, compose, arrange, and store kalimba sheets/tabs.
Trouble in timing notes to play? Create and export sheets to many formats?
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Kalimbist's Player is an interactive web interface (no download required!) that helps you master your favorite kalimba songs faster. It does NOT require an account to use!
The Player is like a piano roll: Musical notes in form of rectangles slowly fall down and touch the tines to make sound. This alone will help you play your favorite song more precisely! Check out all available features here. Try Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Silent Night - First two measures


A note with different duration visualized in the Composer
The Composer is another interactive interface for you to arrange / compose a new score. It allows you to put notes (in form of rectangles) with duration (presented as different sizes) into the "kalimba roll" so you can make a song of your liking in quickest time possible with little effort. It's more like a game (Tetris!) instead of too much music theory for you to begin with.
You can use this as a start to learn basics of music theory, or just forget about all those theories and make a score of your own.
You can also save your work online, publish and share it with other kalimba lovers. Published sheets are shown in Sheet List.
There are more features to be mentioned! Click here for details.
You can access the Composer by clicking the button below (an account and confirming email are required). Get creative now~!
Try Creating a Sheet


Load and play

No account required. Load sheets contributed by users like you, and start practicing right away.

Tools that help you practice

Changing play speed, Repeat, Partial Repeat. These features will help you efficently practice and learn by heart.


Tempo, Key Signature, or even Colors of tines and notes, Instrument sound, all customizable!

Downloadable Sheets

MusicXML (*.mxl), Printable (*.pdf), and MIDI (*.mid) files are downloadable in the Download section of the Player.


Completely Free

Yes, you read it correctly. The Composer is free to use when you have an account with confirmed email. We believe that giving composers and arrangers freedom for creation is a sustainable way to grow the Kalimba community.

Feature-rich Editor

Create, delete, modify, copy, paste, undo, redo, just like how you interact with text documents. Click here to learn more about the Editor's capabilities

Save on Cloud

Your work is securely stored in our server, so you can access it anytime, anywhere with internet connection.

Publish - Share with the world!

We create a platform to help you share your works with ease. Simply hit Publish button, copy the link and start sharing!

Support MusicXML imports

Hundreds of thousands of MusicXML music sheets are available on the internet. Try importing one to the Editor and see it turn all those musical notes into falling bars.

Sheets exportable to many formats

Download ability of the Player is made possible with this. MusicXML (*.mxl), Printable (*.pdf), and MIDI (*.mid) formats are supported.

And more to come!

We do research to help kalimbists like you arrange/compose more efficently, so stay tuned!

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