Kalimbist project is now 100% free!

A new update has hit the website with brand new features like User Public Page, Follow system, and Notification system! And the biggest announcement - Kalimbist is now 100% free!

[Minor Patch] Version update v.1.2

Kalimbist has been updated to version 1.2, this is a minor patch that addresses some bugs and adds support for linear kalimbas, and ability to download sheets from the website.

[Updated June 5] Sheet download is here!

Traditional sheet music has always been the standard to learn any songs and perform on any instruments, and here they are!

Sheet Composer now available!

Kalimba tab and sheet creation is now in your hand to try out!

Project Introduction and Vision

Hello, I am Aan, the creator and owner of this website. In this post I would like to share with you the vision of this project - Kalimbist.

Understanding Player Controller

In this post you’ll find more information about the Player Controller – One with Play/Pause/Stop buttons, and more!

All about Player's Toolbar

Player Toolbar is where you can find all sorts of things from customization of look and feel to transposition or change of tempo.

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