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Updated: 2020-06-05
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Traditional sheet music has always been the standard to learn any songs and perform on any instruments. With that in mind, we now officially release the ability to download any available sheets here on Kalimbist as enhanced sheet music for kalimba!

What's an enhanced sheet music for kalimba?

We make use of traditional sheet's fingering system to add number notation along with notes and chords. With this, we believe that you can get to understand traditional music sheet better.

Moreover, we'll be engraving notes as lyrics. This will further help you know which notes are being played - freeing you from number notation.

Optional, customizable before printing

We currently offer *.mxl (MusicXML), [updated] *.mid, and *.pdf as download options.

  • For *.mxl, you're entirely free to modify the sheet with free softwares that support WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) sheet editing, namely MuseScore.
  • [Updated June 4] For *.mid, you can load this file into any MIDI devices or softwares to play or edit.
  • For *.pdf, we dedicated to make it as customizable as possible. You can:
  • Show/Hide number notation (Shown by default).
  • Show/Hide letter notation (Shown by default).
  • Change number notation position to left side of notes, or above notes/chords (Shown above by default).
  • Zoom in/out.

Known issue: PDF does not have name of arranger engraved into it, however, MXL file does have it. So if you can use a MXL file reader like MuseScore, we recommend you download MXL file to take advantage of such softwares. We are trying to fix this as soon as possible!

How to download

Simply select one of the sheets available in the sheet listing and click on DOWNLOAD, or PRINT in the Sheet information section. And if you could, leave a LIKE to encourage the arranger, please!

You'll need a registered account with a confirmed email though. Due to limitation in server infrastructure, we have to limit it down so the mainframes don't get fried, sorry 〒▽〒

Note for users who are using Sheet Composer

The website will take about 10-30 seconds to generate sheet files for newly created sheet using Sheet Composer. So please be patient ヾ(•ω•`)

Due to some bugs that allowed notes to be created even if they exceed their measure's limitation (fixed though!), some sheet files will appear weird when generated. You can try modifying affected sheets and the system will generate a new one for you.

Extra bugs terminated!

  • Fixed a bug where clicking Publish sheet option would still leave the option as Publish sheet, when it's supposed to be changed to Unpublish sheet.
  • Fixed a bug where notes that are musically incorrect could be created. For example: there exists a half note at start of a measure, but you can create a quarter note in between that half note's duration.
  • [Updated June 4] A bug that caused Arpeggio and Tie to remain on the editor even when its Note is hidden (when toggling notes to show by part) has been squashed.
  • [Updated June 4] Fixed a bug where selecting notes using the selector would select hidden notes (when toggling notes to show by part).
  • [Updated June 4] Fixed a bug that would show hidden notes (when toggling notes to show by part) when scrolling in Sheet Composer.
  • [Updated June 5] Fixed a bug where deleting a measure with notes that have ties of 'continue' or 'stop' would only be partially undoable.

[Updated June 5] Quality of Life changes

  • Added how-to section about how to import a sheet.
  • Added a warning dialog before importing sheet or reloading imported sheet.
  • Support Notes with tie for importing sheet.

Things up next in store

We're on the process of making available *.mid (MIDI) as the third downloadable option. [Updated June 4] *.mid is available now.

After that, we'll move on to optimization of Sheet Import, which can break down into:

  • Supporting more file types including *.mid, *.abc (and hopefully *.kern, or plain text *.txt of TinyNotation) for import.
  • Show suggestions upon completion of sheet import so you can choose which notes or tines to keep, and which tines to tune to have a correct melody of the imported song. We're also researching for a way to work this out automatically using machine learning for such optimization. But it'll take quite some time as we're prioritizing the below Up-next.

Offline client, yes. A way for you to arrange sheets everywhere, even without internet connection.

As for the website's sheet listing, we'll be updating the logic to display sheets as planned.


We believe that learning music shouldn't be made hard, and it should be easier when learning on kalimba. So hopefully these new features will give you a better learning curve to step in the world of beautiful music!

Until next time!

The Kalimbist Team

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