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We believe that giving kalimba music creators freedom for creation is a sustainable way to grow the kalimba community. That is why at, kalimbists like you can use all available features at your disposal, to practice, to create music sheets, or even better - to share your creations with others under a website that feels good to look at.

Embracing modern tech in computational music (MusicXML, OpenSheetMusicDisplay, Music21), while making good use of current web tech (WebGL, Webpack, MaterialDesign), we strive to give users the best possible experience in both learning music and using the website.

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Supporter Plans come with exclusive perks such as Offline Client, early access to new features, and exclusive tips from Aan - the creator of this website.

Sponsoring also gives you the privilege to have your logo / youtube channel placed on this website.

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The project is currently running on minimal servers so it might be unstable at times. With more supports received, they will be going towards upgrading the machines to ensure smooth experience using the website and enhancing the application.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Aan on Discord or our Facebook page

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