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Author: Aan
Updated: 2020-06-30
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We believe that giving kalimba music creators freedom for creation is a sustainable way to grow the kalimba community. That is why here, at kalimbist.com, kalimbists like you can use all available features at your disposal, to practice, to create music sheets, or even better - to share your creations with others under a website that feels good to look at.

To keep the project running while being free and actively maintained, please consider being a Supporter.

Supporter portal relies on PayPal's one-time donations and subscriptions (recurring pledges), read more here https://kalimbist.com/sponsor

By becoming a Supporter, though entirely optional, you're directly helping kalimbist stay healthy and grow up overtime! It also gives you some perks~! Check out here https://kalimbist.com/sponsor/become-a-supporter

A brand new Public Page for every user

  • Public Page of a user displays their arrangements, liked sheets, number of likes and followers.
  • Access yours by logging in > click on your profile picture* > Public Page.
  • Access other kalimbists by clicking on their names in various places like the sheet list, or their sheets.

* your profile picture is located at the top-right corner on PC, and inside the drawer on mobile (open the drawer by tapping the icon at the top-left corner)

Follow feature has been added

  • You can follow your favorite kalimbists and get notified when they publish a new sheet.
  • To follow a user, go to their Public Page and click the FOLLOW button. Click once more to unfollow.

Notification feature has been added

  • It acts as a hub for you to keep up with all the updates like:
  • new released sheets from your favorite kalimbists,
  • someone makes a comment in your sheet,
  • someone replies to you, or
  • when someone started following you!
  • Too many notifications? Just click the MARK ALL AS READ and you're good to go
  • Access your notifications by clicking your profile picture > Notifications (Keep in mind that if there's no notifications, nothing will show up)

Other changes

  • Updated home page so it now shows features of the Player and Composer right below the big welcome page, no more clicking, just scrolling!
  • Updated FAQ section to answer questions like "Is Kalimbist free", "The Player doesn't work", and some questions regarding becoming a Supporter.
  • Updated sheet list so it displays more sheets in a page (up to 8 now), also updated so that newly Approved sheets show up first, then creation date, then number of likes.
  • Improved website loading speed.
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