Sheet Composer now available!

Author: Aan
Updated: 2020-05-23
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Creating and Sharing kalimba sheets with Sheet Composer, currently in Public Beta Test. Right now, it is available for FREE, for anyone registering an account and having email confirmed.

Features of Sheet Composer

  • Note creation made easy with an editor:
  • Create with clicks
  • Select notes and copy/cut, then paste for faster creation of repetitive parts
  • Undo/Redo when mistakes show up
  • Bubble editor shows up to help when keyboard isn't so much available
  • Packed with a comprehensive way to categorize sheets to help search by sheet name, filtering by Feel or Category.
  • Saving sheets online so you can access it anywhere with internet. An offline client is planned!
  • Make use of existing sheets with the Import feature. Import *.mxl files (MusicXML files)
  • And more! Check below links for more information~

What else is also added

Getting started to use the application with ease by reading the how-tos sections for Sheet Player and Sheet Composer. There are music theories packed in the knowledge base, you might want to learn more about it to be come a more professional kalimba player (^∀^●)ノシ

Read full how-to articles here:

Can't wait to see your sheet/tab creation!

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